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Hackathon Administration Workflow to automate your hackathon administrative processes, i.e. you can publish problem statements, receive a dashboard view of registrations, submit proposals, evaluate and onboard team members including judges.
On-cloud Build-a-Thon Infrastructure to develop ideas into prototypes rapidly on the cloud based infrastructure.
Publish Demo Applications to showcase demo solutions to problem statements. Shortlisted applicants can submit their solutions for judges to evaluate them.
Automated Solution Submission so you save time processing solutions submitted from around the world. Well organized registrations and proposals for hackathon administrators to have a single dashboard view.
Online Judging Toolkit to automate your hackathon judging process. Judges are onboarded digitally and can view the proposals, award scores and provide feedback from anywhere in the world.
Hackathon Sandbox / API for your hackathon participants to develop customized solutions on APIX’s containerized and secure sandbox.

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