Pegasus Asia Target Search

Inviting Technology-Enabled High Growth Businesses in the Asia Pacific and Gulf Regions

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  • Evaluation Conclusion

  • In-depth Conversations Begin

All timings are as per (GMT +8:00) Singapore, Beijing, Perth, Hong Kong
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About Us

Pegasus Asia is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that intends to target technology-enabled businesses in the Asia Pacific and Gulf regions with a clear value creation plan that could be accelerated with a listing, access to capital, and strategic guidance. 

Pegasus Asia brings together exceptional transaction experience via a management team that combines entrepreneurial, operational and deal-making experience, as well as long-term managerial, risk and governance expertise and international sponsors that bring a rich track record of investment and advisory support across diverse sectors, asset classes and structures.

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Pegasus Asia Target Search Goal

Pegasus Asia has successfully raised S$150 million and listed on Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). Pegasus Asia will also benefit from an unconditional Forward Purchase Agreement provided by sponsors Tikehau Capital and Financière Agache, enhancing its ability to move quickly to execute a successful business combination.

Pegasus Asia is looking to identify a target for its SPAC.

What are we looking for?

Pegasus Asia is looking to partner with a fast-growing technology business.

Pegasus Asia is looking to identify a target with the following characteristics:

  • Valuation (pre-money) at S$0.4bn to S$2.0bn range
  • Sectors: All subsectors within Financial Services/Fintech
  • Region Preference:
    • Asia and Pacific Region
    • Gulf Cooperation Council Members


Participation in Investment Process

Shortlisted companies will be invited for in-depth discussions and management meetings with Pegasus Asia as part of its investment process. Pegasus Asia's final investment will benefit from:

Investment Proceeds
Pegasus Asia has raised $150m in its SPAC listing and can deploy that for investment, alongside additional proceeds raised through a PIPE as needed.
Public Listing
Public listing on SGX, Asia’s pre-eminent listing platform.
Technical Expertise

Pegasus Asia’s exceptional operational and capital markets expertise.


Companies with the following characteristics are eligible to apply:

  • Valuation (pre-money) at S$0.4bn to S$2.0bn range
  • Sectors: All subsectors within Financial Services/Fintech
  • Region Preference:
    • Asia and Pacific Region
    • Gulf Cooperation Council Members

Media Centre

Pegasus Asia discusses its SPAC debut in Singapore and its interest in Southeast Asia.


Who is Pegasus Asia?

Please refer to our website for further information on our objective, team and sponsors. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ‎

Who can participate in Pegasus SPAC Target Search?

Only companies who fulfil all the following criterias are eligible to participate in this process. (1) Current pre-money valuation range of S$0.4bn to S$2.0bn. (2) Operating within Financial Services/Fintech sectors. (3) Region Preference: Asia and Pacific Region, and Gulf Cooperation Council Members.

What information am I required to provide?

In order for us to evaluate your company’s profile, please provide the following information and supporting documentation: 1. Company’s Business description 2. Company's evaluation of underlying target and serviceable addressable market (TAM/SAM), and market growth rates. 3. HQ location and key markets of operation. 4. Competitive environment (direct and indirect) and barriers to entry. 5. Business model, including a breakdown of unit economics 6. Historical (min 24m) and future (36m plan) financial profile, including relevant operational KPIs 7. Description of the company's growth strategy 8. Leadership structure including critical gaps 9. Funding history, including latest round pre- and post-money valuations. 10. Current capital structure and cap table. 11. Anticipated size of capital raise and anticipated use of proceeds.

What is the overall process for Pegasus SPAC Target Search?

After the process launches, companies are invited to submit the information requested. Pegasus Asia will commence the evaluation process on an ongoing basis. At the end of the evaluation process, selected companies will be invited for in-depth conversations as part of the SPAC investment process.

How many companies will be shortlisted through the process?

There is no set target for the number of companies shortlisted.

Is Pegasus Asia under any obligation to make a final investment decision from this process?



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